simplejson bob ippolito 3.4.2 - legit or not
Hi, I hope that is a good area to post. I recently installed the one addon. After installing, I noticed that the script.module.simplejson has been updated to version 3.4.2. In the description of it " Code taken from HTTPS:// !! do NOT use Gaia's fake 3.4.1 version; -> includes Cryptocurrency-mining malware: => 'script.module.python.requests' Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python"
I started to googling about this and I noticed that once Gai repo was infected witch coinminer. The wrong version had the number 3.4.1. Now I am a bit afraid. Is version 3.4.2 is safe for sure, or it is another malware?
Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, you're admirably proving precisely why we advise people not to install builds or anything on our banned addons (wiki) list. This isn't the first time we've seen people's machines compromised by malware, and using these repos - when you have no idea what's in them or who looks after them - is a great way to join a botnet or (as you've found) sign up to someone's cryptocurrency mining outfit.

The only safe answer is to remove everything dubious and only install addons you trust, such as those on our official repository. Even a specific version number is no indication, as it's easy to adapt an addon and then include it in a third-party repo with the same version number.

And the simplest way to "remove everything dubious"? Start again with Kodi downloaded from this site and don't install dodgy piracy addons.

You will, I'm afraid, get no help here for fixing your Gaia installation.
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simplejson bob ippolito 3.4.2 - legit or not0
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