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EDL not loaded in Kodi 18
I use comskip to generate EDL files for my TVheadend recordings on a Synology nas.
The recordings are watched trough a remote RPI with Kodi 18.2 LibreElec.
EDL files are generated with EDL_SKIP-FIELD 3 in INI for compatibility with Kodi.

When i open the files trough recordings it's working as expected with both the TXT as EDL file.
Unfortiunatly opening trough recording has some problems with stuttering playback as i'm streaming over the internet.
When opening the files trough Video folder streaming is perfect but neither EDL nor TXT are loaded (streaming over Webdav protocol).
Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?
I want to check if it's a limitation of the webdav protocol.
Can anyone suggest a different protocol that has proven to work with EDL files while streaming over internet?
FTP Maybe?
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EDL not loaded in Kodi 1800