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(2019-06-19, 01:43)_NXS_ Wrote:
(2019-06-18, 17:49)_NXS_ Wrote: According to the System Requirements for Windows-based machines, it states that processors as old as the Pentium 4 are fully capable (so long as they support SSE2; which mine does) so I am not understanding why my newer Core 2 Duo E7200 which has the Intel GMA 3100 (AKA G31 Express Chipset Family) with 256MB of system-borrowed memory and a maximum display resolution of 1920x1080 will not work.  DXDIAG states that my system has DirectX 11 and, so far as I know, my display driver is up to date (Version  

Like I said, I have successfully installed Kodi on much older machines with single-core processors and had no issues at all.  This is the second of two Dell Optiplex 330 desktop models I have tried installing Kodi on (one has Windows 10, the other has Windows 7) but neither one of them will display video on Kodi even though the sound from videos can be heard.  

Though I still do not understand why my dual core CPU can't render videos in Kodi (it can play YT videos in a browser just fine) I did manage to find a workaround in the form of a low-profile graphics card.  I removed the metal slot from an old AMD Radeon 9000 1GB card, slapped it into the PCI-Express port, downloaded Catalyst, updated the driver and Kodi worked without issue.  Looks like I will have to acquire another one of these along with a stronger processor (either the Q6700 which runs at 2.6GHz with 8MB of L2 cache or the modded Xeon 771 to 775 E5450 which runs at 3.00GHz and has 12MB of L2 Cache).  Despite only having 2 RAM slots, I do know that the PC can handle a maximum of 8GB of DDR2 PC-6400 running at 800MHz.   

I'm looking at around $54.00 per desktop for the CPU, RAM, and $10-15 for one graphics card in addition to the $12.00 each that I spent on the actual computers (they came with monitors, keyboards, and mice, as well).  So for under a total of $85.00 each (Around $170.00 total), I will be able to breathe some decent life into two aging systems.  My only wish is that they were the Mini-Tower versions so I could upgrade the power supplies, slap a couple of GT 1030's or GTX 1050's in and make some really decent entry-level gaming rigs. Perhaps it will still be possible (I need to do more research regarding the power supply options for the desktop versions of these computers) but even if it isn't, they will still make good daily-user computers for my nieces.  All in all, I am very happy as I'm all about prolonging system lives of these older Dell machines, even if they don't have all the new cpu and chipset features that newer varieties offer. 

That said, I guess that unless anyone else has some insights as to why my E7200 CPU's fail to render graphics in Kodi, since I have found a workaround, this thread can be closed.  Thank you, Karellen, for all of your assistance.  

I meant to type AMD Radeon 9000 1GB graphics card.  The card itself is low profile, but the metal slot on the end is normal size, so I had to remove it in order to get the card to fit. 

Shoot... I have 9000 on my mind... I meant the Radeon 7000 1GB series card.  There.  I'm clearly tired. Sad
Great that you were able to sort it. I still think it is a driver problem for the onboard graphics. You may be running Win10 on your hardware, but that does not mean the drivers are fully compatible with your hardware. Most likely you have some generic MS drivers installed by Win 10.

FYI... Strangely your log is silent on your video properties, but this might help... Take note what Intel states as compatible when running Win 10

Anyway, I will mark this solved
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(2019-06-15, 04:45)_NXS_ Wrote: Greetings!  As the subject suggests, I am having video playback issues with Kodi.  I have 18.1 Leia 32-bit (I've tried the 64-bit version, but the video isn't working in that either) and while I can hear sound, I cannot see video... only a few flashes of solid colors on the player then followed by a black viewing screen.  Controls are still visible, just no video output.  I have tried disabling hardware acceleration as well as setting the rendering to software, but I am still having no luck.

My system specifications are as follows. 

CPU: Core 2 Duo E7200 running at 2.53Ghz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800MHz
OS: Windows 10 Professional (up-to-date)

I've used older single-core processors from AMD and managed to get Kodi to work just fine, so I am boggled as to why I am having issues with a dual-core Intel CPU.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

That is the issue I am having now
(2019-06-17, 08:45)Karellen Wrote: Playing closer attention to your specs, your hardware is approx 12 years old, and you are running Windows 10. I guess your hardware does not have the specs required, and if they do, then your drivers are not fully compatible with Windows 10 and Kodi v18.

Too old you say?  My Kodi 18.3 PC specs:

Athlon Neo X2 6850e, 1.8 GHz
On-board Radeon HD 3200 256 MB shared
built-in 802.11g wifi
Youtube 6.5.0
Windows 7 x64 (updated - NEVER)



I am able to play Youtube 1080p streams smoothly on this old box.


It probably is something to do with Windows 10's drivers for your video.  I used to have Windows 10 till an update disabled my HP printer drivers.  Un-installing, re-installing drivers from HP's website wouldn't fix.  Back to Windows 7 I went.

You really should be able to utilize hardware acceleration if you have the right drivers installed.
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