Search gives no result when title contains extra words
While I am scraping any TV shows..
I notice the search will not find any title of a TV show if the folder of the show title contains extra words


Rename a TV show folder name that you got as
e.g. Big Little Lies S01

Scrape the show in ember.
It will give error "No matches found"
Delete the word "S01" from the search box and click search again.
Now it has found the show in the results windows..

Basically the search algorithm is not very smart and needs the exact title name without any extra words in the title
If there is any extra words, it will not find anything.

Most search engine would have recognize that it matches most of the title we search for and presented a list of results
e.g. the words "Big Little Lies" should have given us the matches it found already..
rather than trying to find the exact match of the title "Big Little Lies S01" which get no results.

So could you please fix the search algorithm so it can do a partial match if it was able to find anything at all, then it should list it?
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Search gives no result when title contains extra words00