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View TMDb-Runtime on ExtendedInfo Script or on the Videolist?
i have the Problem that many of my videofiles are much longer as the film, because i have advertising in the films and recorded much longer.
I have no chance to take over the runtime in my .NFO, because Kodi overwrite the runtime with the original Videofile-Runtime.

So my absolute favorite is to see the TMBd-Runtime on the videolist, is it possible, i have this information from Karellen:
Quote:Diving into the database, I see that the scraped runtime is added to C11 of the movie table. The actual runtime from the video file is added to iVideoDuration of the streamdetails table of the same database.

I suppose you could modify the skin to exclusively display one and not the other. How to do that you would need to ask in the skin forum.

When it is not Possible, can you take the TMDb-Runtime in the ExtendedInfo-Script like the Confluence Skin?
With the Confluence-Skin i can see with the ExtendedInfo-Script the real TMDb-Runtime from the film, but i want the Titan Skin, its the best of all! :-)

Thank you in advance
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View TMDb-Runtime on ExtendedInfo Script or on the Videolist?00