[RELEASE] LastTube (Video) Plugin - a Last.fm + YouTube Mashup Addon
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download it here: http://code.google.com/p/rwparris2-xbmc-...loads/list or using the xbmc addons installer.

It is based off tv.timbormans.com , who was nice enough to open up access for us XBMC users Smile

It will grab your Last.FM username's top artists (if you have one), allow you to search for music by a Last.FM username's top artists, by similar artists, and by tag... basically just like last.fm, except instead of playing back music files it plays back youtube videos.

Please note:: I just changed a few things around, and I'm not at home to test it, but it *should* still work.

Please let me know any problems you may be having... there are bound to be some, as this is my first ever script.

If you have any feature requests leave them here.
if anyone tried this and it didn't work (11 downloads?) I uploaded a newer version that I have confirmed to be at least semi functional.
whoops, the new link is:

nice plugin ,only on my top artist there are comedians.
is there a way to skip those automatically?
tikkiew Wrote:nice plugin ,only on my top artist there are comedians.
is there a way to skip those automatically?

Not automatically, you can manually skip it by pressing next, just like anyother video.
Being a LastFM junkie this is a really cool plugin for me Smile
Have you confirmed this working on other platforms? Testing on Win32 for me only the top artists feature works. But xbmc crashes a lot while using it. But that very might well be an xbmc win32 problem rather than your plugin. Will test it on the xbox later and report back.
Thanks for creating this Smile
sorry to sound like a n00b, but where am I supposed to put this? I've tried a Video Plugin, Music Plugin, and under Scripts but can't get it to work. I'm guessing it's a Video Plugin since it's pulling up youtube videos, but it also covers music and you said it was your first script and it failed to work under Video Plugin.

I've done all 3 and can't get it to work for me. I see the screen where it has my top artists, search by user, search similar, and search tag, but no matter what I enter it just reverts back to that screen.

I just signed up for Lastfm like one or two days ago and then this comes along. I'm excited about it. Thanks for your work.
@Jeroen it crashes a lot under win xbmc for me too...also it randomly stops queueing videos at some point. Not sure why. I was actually about to start ripping my hair out trying to find the bugs until I realized I couldn't replicate the behavior on the xbox, and just chalked it up to the win32 environment. Tags and Similar Artists do work for me though (at least as well as top artists). I haven't tested osx or linux ports. Anyone up for it?

@tikkiew: i changed my mind. the next version will have an editable black list so that you can list all the comedians and/or artists you don't won't to show up. you will actually have to add them manually in a text editor before uploading to your xbox, but this should work for you.

@Nicoli_K: yes it goes under video plugins. Make sure you use the second link I provided (http://www.box.net/shared/gxvfb0kgkg) It's on my xbox right now and is working fine... Does it at least show you the 3-4 options when you run the plugin? It should be your last.fm username, search by username, search by artist, and search by tag. If you're not getting any of that, please tell me what version xbmc you're using, whether you're on xbox or what and I'll try to figure it out.

I should mention there is no "error handling" for when no results are found, it just kind of sits there and does nothing. I'll fix this eventually.

So if you're doing top artists Nicoli_k it is possible that there just isn't enough data on your profile for this to work yet. Try the username rwparris2 or por, and see if that works.

This holds true for tags and artists too. Sometimes, there just isn't enough content to work. Also, the site can be really picky (e.g. "blacks keys" returns nothing but "the black keys" does)
Fantastic plugin! I love the ease of use. Thanks a lot!

The Youtube plugin has a feature that uses higher quality video if possible. Is this feature included in this plugin? Clips I saw until now are very low quality. Of course this could be coincidence.
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Ok, been trying it out on the xbox and it works just fine. Occassionally when skipping tracks it stops and I have to restart it but no biggie.
It's like having MTV with actual good music Wink Really nice work
@Jeoren: Skipping tracks would cause it to do that for me too, but only if I did it really fast. If I give it at least 10 secs it seems to work... but maybe that was a coincidence. I didn't test very thoroughly on that.

@Bramm77, I'll look into it the youtube plugin. A lot of clips are very low quality & very rarely a better one will across, but such is the nature of youtube.
Nicely Done, Cheers.

If you want the higher quality videos from youtube, change the linkage in my youtube code to:-

If the Hi-def version is available , then you will get it.

So instead of the Flv ----> Nice Mp4.

I moved the download to http://code.google.com/p/rwparris2-xbmc-...loads/list

Revision 3 has the higher-quality videos (thanks Voinage!). It isn't really tested, so let me know how it works.
i tested it seems good to me.
i was thinking if there is not a way to save the
tags, other users and similar artist?
tikkiew Wrote:i was thinking if there is not a way to save the
tags, other users and similar artist?

I'm sure there is... I'll just have to figure it out. It's on my to-do list.
Thanks for the feedback.
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