Trouble with Video Source Mapping
Using 1.4.90 latest
I'm trying to set "Map Video Source by File Extension". I enter (eg) mkv as extension, and (eg) bluray as source. Works fine until I open settings again for what ever reason, then stops working.  When I check mapping, the file extension has decremented by one character, ie now shows only kv. Each time I close and reopen settings, the character count goes down by one eg v, then nothing. It doesn't matter how many characters I add initially eg 12345 slowly counts down to nothing, decreasing by the left character each time. Of course it doesn't matter after the first one goes, because then it stops working. The source is fine, nothing changes in that box. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or just my build.
It a unknown bug, thx for report. I added it to the tracker: Link
German Ember Media Manager Support

Daily Builds - Link
Latest official Ember-MM version - Ember Media Manager 1.4.x
Thanks. I tried to add it to bug tracker, but it kept asking for a "build field" to be completed, and I couldn't find that.
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