MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-06-29, 09:45)Rico66 Wrote: I do have a number of mka files, which are ripped audio tracks from DVDs. Some tags certainly work, however the one that I don't get to work is the album title. This only shows up as "Sngles" in Kodi. Looking at the same in e.g. Foobar or MP3Tag shows the correct title.
Any ideas why this does not show correctly in Kodi?

While ffmpeg supports the return of ID3v2 metadata it has its own naming system for some of the keys. Is the album name in the metadata as TALB (the standard ID3v2 key name) or as "album" (which is what ffmpeg seems to be expecting)? Note that tagging software often shows its own internal name for a tag rather than the key name used in the metadata, so it could be difficult to check.

But I am guessing in the dark. If you want to provide me with an example file then I will check what is happening and if the issue is in Kodi or in ffmpeg.
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