MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
I have the INXS - Kick 30 Atmos Blu-Ray album which I used to create mka files containing the Dolby TrueHD + Atmos track. I tagged these using mp3tag program. Scanned using Kodi 18.2. They appeared in the Kodi audio library (tagged as ‘Kick 30’ but the album name in Kodi was ‘Singles’).

When I played this in Kodi it played as a 7.1 file not as an TrueHD Atmos file. Looks like the Kodi audio player doesn’t Passthrough the Dolby TrueHD + Atmos bitstream like it does when I play the same codec as an MKV file using the Kodi video player. So some work is needed for the player to bitstream Audio. Is this what was changed in 18.3 for DTS-HD music? (To enable DTS to be bitstreamed by the audio player?)
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RE: MKA file tagging support in Kodi? - by HomerJau - 2019-06-30, 09:48

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