MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-06-30, 18:20)jjd-uk Wrote: I already said passthrough of TrueHD and hence Atmos wouldn't work, all you'll get is 7.1 LPCM as things stand. The music player underwent a significant code change for v18 as a result initially passthrough of both DTS-HD and TrueHD was lost. Passthrough of DTS-HD was added back in v18.3 however due to lack of any test tracks nothing was done to reinstate TrueHD, in theory to add TrueHD back should be a trivial 2 line code change.

Thanks for clarification. I realized that TrueHD pass through is broken by my last experiments. I also noticed that the gapless play issue I mentioned in another post only shows on DTS-HD tracks but not on normal DTS or LPCM mka files. While there is no gap, however, I've got the impression that the last x hundreds milliseconds of a track are skipped... I don't remember this was the case for Kodi 17.
So bottom line, several aspects around DTSHD and TrueHD have been broken by the big overhaul in Kodi18 and some aspects are still broken in 18.3
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