MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-06-30, 18:20)jjd-uk Wrote: I already said passthrough of TrueHD and hence Atmos wouldn't work, all you'll get is 7.1 LPCM as things stand. The music player underwent a significant code change for v18 as a result initially passthrough of both DTS-HD and TrueHD was lost. Passthrough of DTS-HD was added back in v18.3 however due to lack of any test tracks nothing was done to reinstate TrueHD, in theory to add TrueHD back should be a trivial 2 line code change.

Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t realise that’s what your original post meant. I was asking about tagging mka and presumed your comment meant tagging wasn’t supported not playback.

Where can I send Dolby TrueHD music samples for testing getting TrueHD support fixed in Kodi 18.4?

EDIT: Sample mka audio files sent to DaveBlake (and hdmkv for addition to the Kodi Sample Files collection)
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