MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-07-01, 17:04)DaveBlake Wrote: Meanwhile chatting to Spiff he confirmed that ffmpeg has issues with parsing Matroska tags, in particular it is not picking up the ALBUM tag.

@HomerJau in case you are interested he used mkvextract to look at the metadata,  output for a sample file is here . ALBUM and TITLE tags are both <Name>TITLE</Name> in Matroska, but <TargetTypeValue> 50 is the album name , <TargetTypeValue>30 is the song title, and ffmpeg is not dealing with that.

I was looking at this last night. Both ffmpeg and MediaInfo don’t show anything from <TargetTypeValue> 50. This is used as the Album metadata node in the Matroska tagging spec. (album title, album artist and release date).

I guess it’s possible ffmpeg and MediInfo use the same codebase to read these tags since both miss the 50 node. They both need same fix.
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