MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-07-05, 08:51)DaveBlake Wrote:
Quote:I wonder what component/tool Mp3tag, VLC and Foobar are using to read Matroska tags?
A good question. Mp3tag might be open source, worth a little digging (or asking them).  

I looked at foobar2000's Matroska (.mka) tags again today. It shows everything we need in Kodi and displays all the .mka tags in a simple vertical grid.


Foobar is an open source project so I downloaded the foobar source and its ffmpeg source (both are just zipped).

Foobar SDK:
ffmpeg Source (used in Foobar):

Looking through ffmpeg it appears to have structures that contain all the info from Matroska tags. (search for 'MATROSKA_ID_TAGTARGETS_TYPE'). It also looks like Foobar is using ffmpeg to get the Matroska tags. (I'm not a c++ programmer though, it will make more sense to you Dave).

I'm starting to think that maybe ffmpeg is handling all the Matroska Tags but its just not reporting them with its command-line FFMETADATA optionHuh
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