MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-07-07, 09:36)DaveBlake Wrote: Happy birthday Garry, have a beer on me Smile
Just for you I had a look at that Foobar2000 code over breakfast.
(2019-07-06, 04:07)HomerJau Wrote: Looking through ffmpeg it appears to have structures that contain all the info from Matroska tags.
Some but not all, it does not allow for TITLE to be at two metadata levels (album and track). See where the one ID MATROSKA_ID_TITLE is mapped only to track title.
(2019-07-06, 04:07)HomerJau Wrote: It also looks like Foobar is using ffmpeg to get the Matroska tags.
I don't see that at all. Clearly Foobar reads and shows the tags correctly as your screenshot demonstrates, but I don't see what it uses to read them. They may offer a download of the ffmpeg binaries, but I have doubts that is uses ffmpeg generally. I think download is just that there to support an optional component, the "FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper" that allows users to play any FFmpeg-supported audio format through foobar2000.

I doubt I will dig any deeper into foobar since it isn't using ffmpeg and isn't going to help us.

Thanks for taking a look Dave (and the b’day wishes).

Looks like we need to wait for an ffmpeg fix or new TagLib release that fully supports Matroska.

BTW: I also emailed mp3tag and asked whether they used ffmpeg and if not what they’ve used to read the Matroska tags. I may or may not get an answer.
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