Animated Movie Fanarts/Landscapes
(2019-06-30, 12:50)mouflo Wrote: Congratulations for the work of explanation ultra complete!
I wish there had been only one usable tutorial in the animated poster thread.
Then i would not have to find out everything myself for a long time and in thread there would not be every few weeks repeatedly asked the same noob questions.  Confused
Some great sources for animated backgrounds:

If you like them to be added to the database, just post them in this thread.
Once a week (sometimes twice) I will go through all the threads (characterart, animated posters/backgrounds, actresses) and add them to the database.
Animated posters and backgrounds, character art can be found here
Get Kyra for Kodi 2 here
Get Kyra for Trakt here
On is also sometimes interesting stuff.
Red Alert from the Star Trek (Original Series) Movies:

4:3 Original
16:9 Recut
Your Name. (2016)

All in KyraDB storaged AnimatedPoster/AnimatedFanart and also Characterarts for Movies are now also available though ArtworkBeef!

We need more Content Creator or Content searcher and sharer, you're all welcome to contribute!

If you like the KyraDB project and the new Artwork Types,
and also want that KyraDB sometimes got upgraded from shared host to dedicated host your welcome to make also a small donation:

Great thanks @rschiks for the KyraDB project!
Great thanks @rmrector for implementation into ArtworkBeef making the project now available to general audience.
The following posts i haven't found or created myself!
All following was collected by @blueeyiz702 on his website

I only posts arts wich aren't already in @rschiks KyraDB or where resolution or quality differs.

Unfortunately, I realized (too late) that almost all images were stretched with a bulk/batch (16:9, 500x281). That's why I deleted the following posts (& removed by TK mods) and stopped searching there.
Although I'm also not a fan of ultra-widescreen content, but even less for stretched content.
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