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Hi there everyone. Smile

I transition from EMM to TMM and am trying to remove "old" clutter I never really used, like for example the .actors folders on my nas. Now I noticed TMM can remove many unused files with the renaming feature, but those .actors and extrafanart folders remain.

Is there any option to also remove those? I barely use these and would like to keep my storage clean.

I tried bulk removing them with the linux command

rm -R .actors

but this does not help because its directories and not files. :/
Now I am no linux guru and am afraid I could wipe my movies trying more. Is there any specific command or option inside TMM that recursively removes only those folders and all images inside them?
No, TMM won't do this for you.
To prgram that takes hours, and just entering a linux command just seconds Wink

Try this:
Try the "find" command first w/o the -exec parameter Wink
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
Thank you, I didnt know about the find command. Smile
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