Is there a way to automatically turn on DXVA2 for some content?
I run Kodi 17.6 on my Surface Pro 2, and have come across an issue when I play ripped blu-ray copy of Doctor Who: The Next Doctor. The frame footage was jumpy, so I automatically assume it must be a PAL to NTSC frame rate issue. I did a little bit of research and found that if I turn DXVA2 on then the footage plays fine.

The reason I had DXVA2 off in the first place was because I read on Lifehacker that turning that setting off improves the upscaling quality of SD to HD. I watched a few seconds of an episode of MST3k (SD ripped off the DVD) with DXVA2 on and noticed some slight artifacting. I turned DXVA2 off, rewatched the footage and it was better. 

Now, I could easily turn DXVA2 on for when I want to watch a Doctor Who special, and then turn it right back off when I'm done with it, but is there a way to streamline this?

Thank you for any suggestions.
One extra bit of information that may (or may not) be helpful, but the Doctor Who Blu-Ray footage is encoded with VC-1. Most of my movies and TV shows are either MPEG2 or H264. Maybe the VC-1 is the culprit?

Is there a way to create an advanced setting that automatically turns on DXVA2 for VC-1 footage, then turns back off when the movie stops? Perhaps with the advancedsettings.xml?
I don't think this is possible from the GUI or advanced settings. The work-round that comes to mind is using an external player (try VLC) as an optional 'play with' for files that you know would play out well with the optional player. External players (wiki) and 331381 (thread)
Thank you. It would be nice to keep it all within Kodi, but I'll explore this option and see what I can come up with. 

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Is there a way to automatically turn on DXVA2 for some content?00