User agent not being passed to ffmpeg
I have a m3u link that needs a specific user agent to run.
I added the user agent at the end of the stream link like so
Quote:stream link|user-agent=myuseragent
This works.. As i get a 200 success status code (I used to get 403 unauthorized without the user agent before)

But what happens is that this stream link gets the stream chunks from another host that also needs the same user agent.
This is handled by ffmpeg(I think. SInce the error log showed [ffmpeg] prefix).

Kodi is not passing the user agent to ffmpeg which is where I am getting a 403 unauthorized status code again. (got this info from the log)

Is there any way I can fix the issue?

I looked into the source code of kodi and found out there is a file which sets headers for ffmpeg.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am using OSMC on RPi 3b+
I am using PVR Simple IPTV plugin.
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User agent not being passed to ffmpeg00