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(2019-10-13, 15:31)billmartian Wrote: Either, normal or via the Mod version.
Never the normal MQ8 version.
Firstly, its concept of being a "light weight", all special features of MQ7 were removed and nothing special or experimental added.
Secondly, MQ8 is no longer being developed because the focus is already on MQ9.
For MQ9 you have to ask @MarcosQui, he created kinda "wishes and feedback" thread for MQ9 -> here
Didn't know in wich direction MQ9 should go, feature based and innovative like MQ7 or simple lightweight as MQ8.

The mods from MQ7 and MQ8 by @latts9923 i posted some showcases of this project on the skin threads... but I have no idea if it has been yet implemented in any way.
But @latts9923 already implemented some of my other Artwork Projects in the skin mods. He also dare to take a step forward when it comes to special skin features. Much appreciated  Nod

Sure Artwork Beef has support for KyraDB. Animated Poster, Animated Fanart, and CharacterArt for Movies have already Basic support.
Full support is achieved when Artwork Beef also is adding the votes and language tags.

The Character Poster Sets offer from KyraDB was requested several times for Artwork Beef but no idea if or when a implementation is planned ->
But other Skins for example Aeon TAJO or AeonNox SiLVO already implemented the feature to show Character Poster Sets. But until an Artwork Beef integration for automation you have to place the local artwork yourself.

EDIT: Also to mention this extended poster artwork type (character poster sets) have it's place in Kodi wiki artwork section ->
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