Req Folder Nesting Using Renamer
I'd like to see the ability to use the renamer to nest movies into folders. Such as those that belong to a collection, or nest by resolution or source. I've been trying to nest them by using this:

{$5\}[$S.$R] $E [$Y]

Although this works, it will continuously nest folders every time the Renamer is run. It will go from:

300 Collection\[BluRay.720p] 300 [2006]\
300 Collection\[BluRay.720p] 300 - Rise of an Empire [2014]\


300 Collection\300 Collection\[BluRay.720p] 300 [2006]\
300 Collection\300 Collection\[BluRay.720p] 300 - Rise of an Empire [2014]\
You've to use $B if you want to use subfolders. $B is the source path that creates absolute paths.
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