Using a human friendly folder structure and multiple music sources

Well, that all went rather well !!  Ended up with a little bit of missing art but nothing that I couldn't sort out within a few minutes.

I think I will probably end up doing this a few more times as more possibilities are opening up to me regarding placement of files and filtering of them.  At least, I hope I will be able to achieve what I'm after, but I might do need some help with a bit of it.  It's easy enough to write a filter to just give me for instance, 'Stage Musicals' by using a path, but, these appear in the category area and I'd quite like want to be able to put them somewhere else if possible.  To explain - With Estuary, the categories are displayed across the top, with 'Recently played albums' below and 'Recently added albums' below that, etc etc.  Re-naming those (or even adding more) is easy enough, and I guess I could achieve what I'm after by creating smartplaylists based around path rules and using those or can I do something like 'library://music/musicals/stage_musicals/' or 'musicdb://source=nfs://server/blah/blah/path/to/files' which is more "node like", but in spite of using the library node editor I totally failed at actually getting the node to work with the path I wanted !! (I was trying to create a folder type node). The handwritten filter however, worked immediately.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="50" type="filter">
    <label>Stage Musicals</label>
    <order direction="descending">year</order>
    <rule field="path" operator="contains">

I guess what I'm after ultimately, is a row of thumbs depicting various different categories through which I can drill down to the content I want.  EG Musicals takes you to two thumbs of Screen Musicals and Stage Musicals.  Stage musicals takes you to albums like Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Starlight Express etc etc, Screen musicals to Jesus Christ Superstar, Cabaret, Grease etc.  If I have to do it with smartplaylists, then that's fine but if there is a better way, then I'd like to pursue it.
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Using a human friendly folder structure and multiple music sources0
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