Using a human friendly folder structure and multiple music sources
(2019-07-17, 12:52)DaveBlake Wrote: @black_eagle I'm all for more flexible ways of browsing your music collection, but the fundamentals of Kodi GUI navigation are hard things to change. I'm a database guy so I start at that end of things, because that has to be inplace before anything else can work.  I will also admit my motivation for tackling the GUI navigation end of things has dropped since I found out that Yatse already does most of what I personally want anyway. But that doesn't mean I won't look at it.

It is kind of ironic that my work so far has left you prefering file view mode (with your new music folder layout). That was not the plan!! What you ask for here - a means to navigate sources directly to albums - is very reasonable but as a new feature would not be backportable to a point release (not my rules BTW). Is the extra click on "*all artists" too bad a step in the meantime? You are seeing that item, right?

 I did have that setting turned off, but have now re-enabled it.

I'm not preferring file view mode. That, in my view, totally negates the entire point of the library, although I will concede that I did briefly consider going in that direction to achieve my intended result.

It's not too bad with the extra step, it's just the explaining I will be doing about why. I had to do plenty of that when I took the music library off-line and the wife couldn't play any music while I was moving things, but I managed to placate her with statements like "The music will be better organised" and "it'll be easier to find the stuff you want to". It is much easier to do that, I just know what's coming, down the line Big Grin "Why do I have to pick that everytime, can't you just make it show the albums ?"  Hence my original question Smile
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Using a human friendly folder structure and multiple music sources0
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