Using a human friendly folder structure and multiple music sources
Thanks Dave, I'll mess around with some nodes and the skin a little and see what a mess what I can come up with.  Many thanks for the pointers Cool
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Just to confuse you some more you can also create folder type custom node for each souce too. They would look like:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="1" type="folder">
    <label>Albums on source</label>

So many ways to do it except an automated one, oh well.
Can I use a similar structure for the path in a widget in Estuary ?

Estuary produces it's right-hand pane with things like:
<include content="WidgetListSquare" condition="Library.HasContent(music)">
    <param name="content_path" value="musicdb://recentlyplayedalbums"/>
    <param name="widget_header" value="$LOCALIZE[517]"/>
    <param name="widget_target" value="music"/>
    <param name="list_id" value="7100"/>
    <param name="fallback_icon" value="DefaultMusicAlbums.png"/>
If so, I can hard-code the header for now for various categories and change the value for "content_path" to produce a list of albums.  Also, would this work ?
<param name="button_onclick" value="ActivateWindow(music,musicdb://albums/?source=whatever,return)"/>
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Answering my own question, it turns out you can indeed !!

Think I'll be doing some more editing and some more re-arranging of files now. So much easier to quickly find stuff when it's all there in front of you !

Linky for full size picture

Big thanks Dave for all the help Smile
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Without looking, I think the "widget" is simply a container with dynamic content.  So anything that is valid as a dynamic content specification should work which I guess is what the param content_path is providing.

scott s.
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Using a human friendly folder structure and multiple music sources0
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