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StreamMyGame integration
This might not be for the original Xbox, unless someone manages to reverse engineer the StreamMyGame client, but it would be nice for the computer-based ports.

StreamMyGame integration under My Games/My Applications. Shouldn't be too hard to do either.

Maybe I'll try to get it started myself. Wink

if it isn't open source then chances it getting added to XBMC by a Team-XBMC developer is slim to none, is a cool concept in theory otherwise, not just for games but for applications as well (DivX Connected features a very similar technology for its plugins)
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For the linux and windows ports though, it would probably be almost as easy as launching a shortcut. The only real integration would be finding a decent way to present it to the user. Probably easiest with DVD-ish box-art.

It could probably be done with a source-plugin if it supported launching programs. (Does it?)

I realise I'm am reviving a very old thread, but for good reason.

Since the original post the following piece of software has been released:

Game streaming

Can this be integrated to run games on a more powerful computer elsewhere and integrated into xbmc either with advanced launcher or another way? My media server isn't very powerful but I have a very powerful computer upstairs.


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