v18 Kodi 18.3/Windows 7 Screensaver quirk
I have been using Kodi 18.3 on Windows 7 x64 SP1 for a few months now and have been very pleased with it - it has replaced both VLC for watching downloaded videos and Netflix's HTML5 player in the web browser.

I especially like the way it controls the Window's screen saver - while watching a video it prevents the screen saver from kicking in.  When I pause a video, screen saver functions as it should.  I have Kodi set to dim the screen after 1 minute and Windows screen saver for 5 minutes - both working in harmony....except...If I hit the '\' hotkey to switch Kodi from full screen to windowed it completely disables Windows screen saver, even if there isn't any video playing - If I start Kodi, leave it at the main screen, switch to windowed, Windows screen saver won't work.  Switch Kodi to full screen, alt-tab to Windows desktop, screen saver works again.

It was driving me bonkers at first because there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for this to happen.  I don't want any burn-in on my new shiny LED display.  I like to keep a browser window open and switch back and forth between it and Kodi when I need to but I walk away for 10 minutes and screen saver still hasn't kicked in.

Anyway, now I know I need to keep Kodi in full screen mode for Windows screen saver to work.  FYI my Windows desktop resolution and Kodi are both set to 1360x768 @ 60.00Hz so it isn't a case of switching resolutions.

Just curious as to why this happens.
(2019-07-14, 12:25)ClippyBeer Wrote: Just curious as to why this happens.
Kodi programming accommodates many operating systems and hardware configurations. In the case of screen blanking, it's recommended that only one screen blanker to be in use, in some systems double routines controlling this function causes issues. If your flat panel is truly LED, I doubt burn-in will be any issue (think monitors), but if it's OLED then you should be cautious, this link pretty well sums it up https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/real-lif...rn-in-test
Thanks for the reply.

I just thought that the Windows binary was that way by design - I didn't experience this with Lubuntu 18.10.  As I said I'll just keep Kodi in full-screen mode to avoid any issues.
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