Library update hangs on "Preparing 0%"

I've recently spotted that library updates hang on 0%.
Debug log at exicoweber (paste).
I'm guessing looking at it that one issue is that it appears to be using an old ip address for my NAS (since I've now changed subnet) but the log says that's just for some specific files rather than the share UNCs, which is rather puzzling.
The new ip address is listed in the UI under library sources and is reachable just fine, so why is the old one appearing in the debug log? I'm running on CE in case that makes any difference.

Of course I may be totally off and the issue is something else! ;-)
Appreciate any help. (I'd really rather avoid deleting all the sources as adding them all back is really painful with the on-screen keyboard)
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Library update hangs on "Preparing 0%"00