Win where does DXVA fit in terms of scalers?
In the wiki, there's a nice rundown of the scalers and which rates higher than others. However DXVA scaler is missing in description.

Where exactly does DXVA scaler sit in terms of the other HQ scalers?

Here's the excerpt: "Characteristics of different methods:

Sharpness - Bilinear < Bicubic < Lanczos2 < Spline36 Optim < Lanczos3 Optim < Spline36 < Lanczos3
Aliasing artifacts - Lanczos3 < Spline36 < Lanczos3 Optim < Spline36 Optim < Lanczos2 < Bicubic < Bilinear
Ringing artifacts - Bilinear (no ringing) - Bicubic < Lanczos2 < Spline36 Optim < Lanczos3 Optim < Spline36 < Lanczos3"
The DXVA is MS specific software. If you specify hardware acceleration, then all routines will be pre-set according to the hardware video card driver (and depending on the gfx card those routines will be set by that manufacturer on chip to interface with the o/s certain sections can be updated) Software utilization, would rely on what MS windows supplies for their routines to try and interface with your driver; suggest you look at this link. although this is for 32 bit, there are links to various.

If you have capable hardware acceleration, that would be first choice unless you didn't like the results. Utilizing DX in windows might be a preference for those with enough horse power and failing that; software rendering with scalier of your choice.
thanks for the link and reply
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where does DXVA fit in terms of scalers?00