is it posible to add pirated add ons to the censored word list ?
if this is a wordpress site some thing like
A WordPress Plugin to Censor your WordPress Pages, Posts & Comments From the Bad Word or Bad Language.
Replace the Bad Words without changing the database (e.g. wp_posts & wp_comments).

it would stop crap like this
trying to watch the deep state tv series: season one episode 5, 6 and 8 are completely different shows....even though screen says its deep state: merger s1e5 i tried re-downloading and the same shows appear. tried different sources through
Plugin Features
Protect your site in seconds
Works right out of the box
Probably the easiest way to protect your site from unwanted content
Choose which WordPress content to filter
Built-in scanner actively searches ALL content and compiles a report of matched terms
Case sensitive/insensitive search options
Strict or non-strict filtering options to ignore terms embedded in other words
Choice of characters and formatting options to replace matched terms on the front end
*NEW* Automatically filter bbPress, and BuddyPress content too (if those plugins are active).
Thanks for your concern. No it's not a WP site, and we do already have a number of forum tools for spotting usage of video piracy add-ons. Mentioning movies or tv shows alone isn't considered 'bad language', and downloading and streaming are terms which are used very loosely. The post you are referring to, was taken down. Unless the individual posted similar threads after that...

I don't think there is a plugin that can "learn" to do that job 100% correctly. And, replacing bad words alone doesn't send a strong enough message towards the perpetrator. Now, threads/posts mentioning video piracy in any way will be moved to the garbage bin swiftly. It will still be a human effort for the moderator team for the time being.
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is it posible to add pirated add ons to the censored word list ?00