v17 Add-on Support for non-Latin Language scripts
I am having several movies in non-English (more specifically in non-Latin languages) languages. Some examples are Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, etc.
In all such cases when the movies are imported to the library, the library shows gibberish as the movie name.
Is there any add-on available to support these languages?

Any pointer will be extremely helpful.
Sorry, just saw this thread today.

We would need to know how these movies are being "imported" into Kodi.  If they are local files and your file system supports full unicode then Kodi will properly find the movie title in the filename and scrape it.  If your file system instead is not unicode but using a language code page set by the user (aka "locale") it still should work as Kodi should find your locale setting and use it.

If you are importing from a plugin or other addon, that addon should use unicode to handle all text data internally, and encode it as utf-8 when passing the text to Kodi.  Kodi will properly handle text encoded as utf-8.

Even if the Kodi library has the proper text data, the skin you use needs to provide a font capable of rendering the characters you need.  For default skin Estuary, the "arial" font has wide (but not complete) support for characters in other languages, including those using non-latin scripts.  If the font is unable to display a character, you should see a "placeholder" (such as rectangle box) and not gibberish.

There is some problem with how Kodi renders scripts with more complex processing (characters are drawn differently within specific syllables) requirements such as Indic scripts and possibly Arabic and Thai.  But again, it won't appear as "gibberish".

So the bottom line is I would need to know more specifics and probably a debug-level Kodi log to dig deeper into your problem.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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