Multiimage with a visible condition -> picture flickers on every change immediately!
I had this request 2 years ago, when I was newly registered here.
At that time, none of my artwork projects had been published yet.
Nobody could/wanted to help me at that time.

It's for showing characterart multiimage sideshow:
In Artwork Beef it's for TvShows since a long time possible to download several characterarts for showing them in a multiimage sideshow.
KyraDB and then Artwork Beef implemented my project Characterart PNG's for Movies it's also possible for Movies now.

But i have 2 major problems:

1st) If i set no visible condition the last hang if he does not get a new one. Watch this short video showcase to know what i mean.
2st) But i set a visible condition if it gets a new one it flares up immediatly ignoring fadetime and animations.

Workaround: I use 1st) no visible condition and put in every movie/tvshow a invisible 1x1 pixel "fake file" the avoid the problem in the video.

Now i want to get rid of this workaround cause i have to choose a visible condition for my new implementation project in my test skin.
I know i could avoid this behavior if i create a scroll list with a control type single image. But then it's showing the sideshow integer in list sequence.
But i want to use it in random mode. The only way to achieve this is as far as i know a normal control type multiimage.

It makes also no difference if i create the multiimage with a fadelabel control or the simple ArtworkHelper codes.

Are there any suggestions to solve this?

multiimage + visible condition + randomize
Anybody use multiimage?
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Multiimage with a visible condition -> picture flickers on every change immediately!00