question about Correct Window IDs usage
Hi, to keep it short...

By looking at the Windo Id WIKI and the guilib/WindowIDs.h

I found that window id's almost got 5 digit values.

e.g. for custom window reservation ->
// WINDOW_ID's from 11100 to 11199 reserved for Skins

All skins i checked, use 4 digt (1100 - 1199) as its custom window/dialog ids.

Did i look into a wrong direction?
As i like to start sometime a own skin i am a bit confused now, which values are the correct ones?

Should i just ignore the 1st/leading '1' for the id's, if so why?
Just ignore the first digit. 0 = home and the internal number is 10000.
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Also, you should only ever use the window name in any condition as the IDs could change.
Thank you booth @sualfred,'Hitcher'

Also the id's to use are correct descriped here, i was just worried about the leading '5 vs. 4' digit uasage when check the guilib/WindowIDs.h
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