AutoHotkey Script To Load Kodi With A Push Of A Game Controller Button
I apologize if this is not the right category to put this.

Windows 7 Professional (64Bit)
I am currently using an older version of Kodi (XBMC) which is Gotham 13.2 (just at the moment because I am trying to work on/analyze a skin I was developing in the past).

With the program "AutoHotkey" I am looking to be able to....
1.) Load up Windows 7 normally.
2.) If XBMC/Kodi is not open then I would like the "Start" button on a PS3 game controller to load up XBMC in full screen mode.
3.) While XBMC is opened I already have the "Start" button mapped to do things within the XBMC game controller xml file,
so I would like "AutoHotkey" to ignore when the "Start" button is being pushed when the XBMC program is currently running.

I was wondering if anyone has an already created script for the program "AutoHotkey" to perform the above task?
I have searched around and possibly found some stuff similar but at the moment I cannot figure out how to do this exact task.
I have never used this program before so I am a little confused at the moment.

I have noticed while searching in many scripts people are getting the XBox 360 big X "Guide" button to perform this task.
In the past if I ever try to link anything to the PS3 "Sync" button it would cause issues (because it is searching for a PS3) not sure if these buttons perform different functions on each games systems controller.
If possible though I wouldn't mind using the PS3 Sync button to start up XBMC that would actually be better than the "start" button.

Anyways Thanks For Any Help
I used to use a script called “GSB (green start button) script” or something along those lines. If you google for that you will probably find something relevant you can modify to work for you.
Thank You for your reply
Sorry it took so long to respond I have been having some issues.
I believe I looked into this a while back but never really found anything that worked.

I really don't want to have to sign up for another forum but I may have to ask this question on their forum if no one knows of anything here.
I remember looking this up there but don't remember finding anything that worked here either.
This I would imagine is a pretty common request, so there has to be a simple script for this somewhere.
Hopefully I will find it.

I am still looking for a solution for this if anyone has anything else to share.
Once I get myself situated I will look around a bit more.
If I find anything I will try to link it here just in case someone is looking for something like this in the future.
Thanks Again
Man, I thought this would have been a common desire by other users already.

Use the green start button script found on here. Change the trigger key as required.
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