v18 streaming of udp multicast content - very slow channel switching
hi friends
i am using iptv with kodi 18.3 and osmc on a raspi 3b+ to stream my legal isp tv content.
i am able to stream via iptv simple, tvheadend or a simple .strm file.
tv content is udp multicast like udp://@
so you can not test these links outside 
problem is very slow channel switching time of 6s

lan is via 1Gbit ethernet and internet is via 100Mbit dsl
it makes no difference of using kodi or my i5 linux laptop as tvheadend client

i can provide a debug log and a sample capture of the content ( ffmpeg -i udp://@ -c:v copy -c:a copy -f mpegts test.ts)
sample capture is there: https://cs.weimarnetz.de/test.ts

thanks for any hints
a test with vlc on my laptop takes 1s for channel switching
komplete log is here: 
kacijagimi.kodi (paste)
complete debug log with boot and 3 times channel switching
tvheadend und tvheadend client

fresh installation test. 6s channel switching
kodi 18.8 - 6s channel switching
kernel 4.19 - 6s channel switching

found someone who figured out kodi 16.1 did not have this problem
can not test, because i found no installation image for rasp 3b+ with 16.1

it is very very frustrating.

what to do next? bug report?

it's a shame
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