Kodi.exe command line start VIDEO_TS movie!
I know that the following works:

Kodi.exe c:\temp\movie.mp4

(that will automatically start Kodi and the mp4 file will start playing)

I would like the same to happen, but with a ripped DVD folder like so:

Kodi.exe c:\temp\movie\VIDEO_TS

(Using the UI, Kodi plays these VIDEO_TS folders just fine!)

I would like the ability to launch this via command line! Thanks guys!
In case I was not clear, MPC can be launched at command prompt to play VIDEO_TS folders like so:

"C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\MPC-HC.1.7.13.x64\mpc-hc64.exe" "C:\Band\Block Party Video\VIDEO_TS" /DVD /fullscreen

So I was hoping for the same thing in Kodi.

You could try

Kodi.exe c:\temp\movie\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO

As VIDEO_TS.IFO is the index file for initiating disc playback on DVD.
Thank you jjd-uk.

Unfortunately, no go.

Kodi just starts normally and displays the home screen.
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