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Quote:AppImage provides a way for upstream developers to provide “native” binaries for Linux users just the same way they could do for other operating systems. It allow packaging applications for any common Linux based operating system, e.g., Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora etc. AppImages come with all dependencies that cannot be assumed to be part of each target system in a recent enough version and will run on most Linux distributions without further modifications.
Suggest the Kodi team to distribute Kodi media center in Appimage format.

I created example of a Kodi Appimage
This sequence of commands will download the necessary files and execute them to generate the appimage. ( in Ubuntu ) then you can go to the kodi-Nightly/out folder and click on the generated appimage
mkdir kodi-Nightly;cd kodi-Nightly;wget; mv pkg2appimage;chmod +x;wget ; ARCH=x86_64 ./ kodi-Nightly-xenial.yml

i'm using xenial ubuntu, i generated some appimages using ppa team-xbmc / xbmc-nightly i tested on PureOS and openSUSE-Leap-15.1-GNOME-Live.

But i have had some issues with this appimage, I already reported on the Git Kodi repository.
We already provide kodi as flatpak. Since kodi is an opengl application it is pretty difficult to get such sandboxing packages right. E.g. I could never get kodi to work correctly with snap.
So atm there are no plans to support another such format.
Did you ever test my Appimage ?
This Appimage is made from ppa repositories, appimage is different from a sandboxing is more similar to Apple DMG files
I think it's even possible to import a flatpak package into Appimage.
plex media player have a Appimage Big Grin
Here is the unofficial kodi appimage now available on github
  may not work properly
(2019-09-02, 20:29)CMatomic Wrote: Here is the unofficial kodi appimage

Do no start doubleposting or advertising your own programming or bumping your own suggestions within a short time, or your visit here will be a short one.
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(2019-09-03, 14:18)Klojum Wrote: Do no start doubleposting or advertising your own programming or bumping your own suggestions within a short time, or your visit here will be a short one. 
my last post was not doubleposting similar words but different things
i'm not a programmer i'm a simple user of GNU / Linux systems, the post of accused of duplication is simply the stable version of kodi on Appimage
Why are you so bothered by a suggestion of distributing kodi in appimage format?
If you do not distribute in this format I become the kodi provider in this format
I am trying to do my best, I am just a simple user of GNU/linux systems.

just to remember KODI license is GPL
"Generally speaking, the GPL is based on 4 freedoms:

     The freedom to run the program for any purpose (freedom # 0)
     The freedom to study how the program works and adapt it to your needs (freedom # 1). Access to source code is a prerequisite for this freedom.
     The freedom to redistribute copies so that you can help your neighbor (freedom # 2).
     The freedom to perfect the program and release its improvements so that the whole community benefits from them (freedom # 3). Access to source code is a prerequisite for this freedom."
indeed, there is absolutely nothing wrong about you distributing an appimage. just make sure to keep it marked thorougly as unofficial. the reason you get the reactions are fears of increased support load on our end. people tend to come here for support, no matter where they obtain kodi and that's putting a big strain on us.
I tried this out because I was looking to test out PseudoTV Live again without having to give up my preferred theme Bingie Mod.  Unfortunately this AppImage uses the same .kodi directory as the main app installed on my system so it imported everything for Matrix and I'm left without a road back to 18.x.

I'd like to suggest a change to the default .kodi directory to something like .kodi-appimage or some such.  That would prevent it from being a one way upgrade.  Other than that, thanks for building the appimage even if it didn't help me with what I was trying to do.

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