Rendering Method / Upscale

What rendering / upscaling method (bilinear, bicubic,...) should I use to have a minimal visual impact and minimal CPU usage on a 1080p movie, displaying on my 1080p video projector ?
A "none" would be my choice but is not available in the list.

Thanks !
Check out Video playback (wiki) section 5.6 Video Settings which has an explanation of the various options.  This thread might offer some words 319983 (thread)
Hello PatK,

Thanks for your answer...
But I allready have read thoses pages Wink

I come to the conclusion that there’s no way to apply no upscale ?
(Which would be the best in case of source matching the screen size)
I think one of the settings is 'auto', might be the ticket. The most efficient to save resources:- In view mode you can set as 'original size' then let your projector handle any scaling, or use the 'zoom' function on your lens.

Thanks for your help PatK, it helped me understand a bit more...
Finally I let the view mode in normal mode, as my video projector hasn't much video options.

But I think the answer to my question is : the "Nearest" mode.
On 1080p with my configuration (display in 1080p), it gives me the sharper result.

Thanks !
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