Solved Best android box options?
So i'll try and keep this short. There is alot of information about what boxes do best at what and i can't exactly piece to together what i should pick. I know a lot will recommend libre/coreelec, but there are some streaming services (like funimation) that dont have great solution aside from webpage or a dedicated andrdoid app. I plan to use gigabit ethernet for 4k hdr streaming from my local server, and streaming others from netflix, amazon, youtube, crunchyroll, funimation...etc.
all I would like to know is if i need something like the fire tv stick 4k or more on the side of nvidia shield tv. i'm not looking for cheap, so i'm not really concerned about price.

Any help would be great thanks.
Go for Nvidia Shield. I believe Fire TV can't stream from local network and is under powered.
The only devices with Gigabit Ethernet, they are also Netflix approved are the Nvidia Shield and the Apple TV 4K

(2019-08-09, 02:00)auren Wrote: I believe Fire TV can't stream from local network and is under powered.

For high bitrate streaming, it either needs to be co-located with WiFi source or used with a USB->gigabit ethernet adapter. Audio is limited to 5.1.
Since you are not concerned with price there is little reason to consider anything but the Shield, if you want android.
Shield it is then!!!!
Thanks guys.
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