Running Kodi From USB TO Smart TV
Is there a way in install and run Kodi from a USB drive?

I have a Insignia television which is the Fire TV Addition.  Due to space limitations, I'm tying to install Kodi to a USB drive, plug it into the USB port on the back of the TV and run Kodi from there.  Is this even possible?  I've seen all the videos installing and running Kodi within Windows and being able to take it from PC to PC but not PC to Android TV.

Thanks in advance
(2019-08-09, 05:23)jpjones Wrote: Is this even possible? 
No. Kodi is only an application, so it also requires an operating system to run from directly. It is not designed or programmed to work via USB that way.
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You need to Google whether FireOS will allow you to move installed apps from internal storage to external storage.
You might be able to install to the tv but keep your data (which is usually what takes up most space) on the usb using an file.
See the wiki:
HOW-TO:Change_data_location_for_Android (wiki)
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