Android Allow DecoderFilter/Codec Factory to detect Bit Depth
So I been making great use of the relatively new DecoderFilter.xml. Its doing wonders for older MPEG-4 Part 2 content to ensure they're software decoded on my FireTV Stick 4K (they stutter with HW decoding for some reason).

However, I also face a similar issue with some HEVC content, 10-bit encoded in particular.

The 4K stick and my Samsung Galaxy S8 will play 10-bit files no problem. However, my older FireTV Gen 2 stick and my Android tablet will not. They'll play 8-bit files no problem with HW decoding, but with 10-bit I'll get a black screen with audio on the FireTV Stick or weird vivid colours (looks like an LSD trip!) on the tablet.

Turning off HW decoding allows these to be played OK but it's a pain to have to turn HW decoding on and off all the times for these files with it being buried in the settings menu.

So... Is it feasbible to make DecoderFilter more granular to detect the Bit Depth of files and turn HW decoding on/off based on this?

Also, just to add the same applies to Chroma Subsampling. 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 videos will try to play in HW mode, resulting in a green screen. Along with 10 bit, it would also be nice to detect this so you can apply HW only to 4:2:0.
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Allow DecoderFilter/Codec Factory to detect Bit Depth00