C++ Current Stream Name
Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place in the forum.

I'd like to redefine my proper VS_SCALINGMETHOD_AUTO.

For that I edit LinuxRendererGL.cpp :
(I'm using Mac OS)

Starting at line 764 :   if (m_scalingMethod == VS_SCALINGMETHOD_AUTO)

I define my own rules. It works well, I did several tests with success.

My question is :

I'd like to have access to the name of the streaming, in order to apply a different Scaling Method depending of the source (a Netflix stream, a Catchup and TV stream, a PVR stream).
How can I do that ?

I did many tests searching in the docs here but I admit I haven't got the level to understand everything...
(I'm not a code developer, just a bad but enthusiast amateur)

If anyone can put my in the right direction it would be very nice !

Thanks !
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