Kodi Leia 3D and 1080p playback issues

I upgraded from Krypton to Leia on Saturday and now my 3D no longer works.

Previously, when I want to watch 3D I would change my desktop resolution to 1080p (my TV is 4K) and Kodi output settings to 1080p. This means on my desktop the task bar is almost below the edge of my screen and Kodi's UI would appear larger than my TV, but 3D SBS playback was flawless.

After upgrading to Leia, I now get "no signal" from my TV after performing the above steps, it doesn't matter if I'm playing a 3D video or regular 2D video, I would get no signal. Until I hit "/" which resizes the window, my screen would flicker a few times and return to normal, I press "/" again to maximise Kodi and it is now playing the video but in 2160p.

I can't play 3D in 2160p because I just get crosstalk, that's why I used to set Krypton to 1080p to get flawless 3D playback, but Leia doesn't seem to like playing anything in 1080p.

Any ideas? Is this a known bug? ETA?

A solution is to downgrade to Krypton, but I really like how Leia manages my library better.
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Kodi Leia 3D and 1080p playback issues00