Scraping problem
I am not trying to duplicate posts but over 150 reads of my post in the raspberry pi section and no response. I am hoping there are some other EyeTV users here that use symlinks to rename their files for Kodi use and store these on a network drive. Anyone here know why Kodi 18 when sourcing a network drive follows the symlink to its linked file to scrape instead of scraping the symlink file name?

I am trying to set up Kodi Leia on a Raspberry Pi 3+ running Stretch. Most of my videos are recorded from EyeTV3 on a Mac. To ensure the file names are the correct format for the Kodi scraper I create a folder with symlinks to the .mpg file with the correct scraper syntax. When running Kodi 15 on my Mac this is no problem. The two folders containing the symlinks and the actual mpg files all exist on one drive in my Mac. I have the drive set up to share and all the folders inside of it. On the RPi I add the network source via nfs. This source is the folder with the symlinks. Sometimes I have the odd file that I may have converted to another format and saved directly in the folder containing the symlinks. When I run the scraper it does fine with the files that actually exist in the folder. Unfortunately the scraper is looking all the way to the symlink source for the filename to scrape. That file is a bunch of numbers and letters so nothing the scraper can use. Interestingly if I look under Files in Videos all the files show up with the symlink title. Is there a way to get the Kodi running on the RPi sourcing a network drive to scrape like Kodi on the Mac sourcing a local drive?

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