Support AV1 Codec (AOMedia Video 1)
Kodi 18.3 is currently unable to play AV1 encoded videos.

It would be nice if Kodi could ship a ffmpeg version with an enabled AV1 module (libaom or dav1d).
I took a look at the make-file in order to open a PR, but was somewhat overwhelmed:

I'm currently fixing the Kodi plugin for Vimeo. Vimeo now ships a lot of videos AV1 encoded, because Firefox and Chrome support this codec since some time.
But the AV1 encoded videos from Vimeo can't be played in Kodi, which is a bummer...

If there is already a plan to enable AV1, please share a link. I couldn't find anything official in the wiki or forums.

I managed to compile Kodi with AV1 enabled (ffmpeg 4.2 + libdav1d v0.2.2) Smile
720p runs perfectly smooth on Ubuntu 18.04 (VirtualBox with 2 CPUs). 1080p is stuttering. (But I'm testing on Ivy Bridge, which lacks AVX2 support.)

Nice! Pull request?
(9 hours ago)M4tt0 Wrote: Nice! Pull request?
Working on it Smile
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