Playing video_ts dvd movies on Kodi 17.6 extremely slow menu loading + no sound,RPI3+
Hi all,

Could you please help me and have a look at my issue? When I try to play video_ts dvd movies from my NAS using Raspberry Pi 3b+, Raspbian, Kodi 17.6 Krypton the DVD menu is very, very slow and there is no sound. I'm suffering from a very disappointed daughter unable to watch her movies in combination with endless fruitless debugging which is driving me nuts Wink. Any help is therefore much appreciated!! Smile

Previous situation: many old Disney DVD's I stored on a NAS using DVD Image Tool. Every movies has it's own directory with a video_ts folder. We don't have a DVD player attached to our TV anymore. All movies previously played perfectly to TV via HDMI on previously installed Kodi 15.2. NAS connection was via smb in link in Kodi. Due to some package corruptions I had to perform a clean reinstall of my Rpi.

New situation: everything updated to latest versions, now running Debian 10 (buster) and Kodi 17.6 (Krypton). Kodi UI (default skin) was very, very slow and CPU usage was very high, also when idle. This improved when I set 'slide animations', 'show weather info', 'show media flags', 'ART work' to OFF. I added smb link to my NAS. Can nicely view all my movie folders. When playing however, it first shows a loading circle and does nothing. After ~20 sec. waiting time, black screen appears and a long period later the DVD menu. Responsiveness is very slow. Upon many menu mouse clicks, the movie finally starts to play, but unfortunately without sound.

Link to Kodi log file: raboreyepo (paste)

In debugging attempts, I tried:
  • Installed libdvdcss2 package(s).
  • Mounted my NAS in Linux and removing the smb links in Kodi itself. (using this method the log file above was created).
  • Purchase and apply MPEG2-decoder license key. Upon check in command line confirms that MPEG2 decoding is enabled.
  • Disabled/enabled buffering via advancedsettings.xml
  • Set audio resample quality to low.
  • Changed GL driver via raspi-config to GL (Fake FMS). (unfamiliar with the impact, but found it in a different thread and gave it a try...)
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Playing video_ts dvd movies on Kodi 17.6 extremely slow menu loading + no sound,RPI3+00