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Xonfluence (Leia v18.x & Matrix v19.x) (Krypton 17 = deprecated)
Hello, so i downloaded your skin and set up my build. Now when i put it in a wizard, it pulls just fine on my phone and stream device. My problem is when i delete the thumbnails and i restart kodi, all the icon add on pictures are gone. How can i fix this?
(2016-10-20, 05:53)steverojas1981 Wrote: Hello, so i downloaded your skin and set up my build. Now when i put it in a wizard, it pulls just fine on my phone and stream device. My problem is when i delete the thumbnails and i restart kodi, all the icon add on pictures are gone. How can i fix this?

You should edit xml file,


Open settings.xml from above path and replace below contents


with special://home/addons\

You can do this in one click with Notepad++, use find & replace all.

Repeat this if it happens again in future. (Likely will happen when skin gets updated. It happened to me once)

And remember the golden rule, always backup before you make any changes. If in case you need it.
First off, I like to start by reaching out to Helly and say thank you for the awesome Xonfluence skin you have developed!

Have a question... I've been trying to figure out a way to change the Power Off button bottom left hand corner menu?

Meaning I want to just show "EXIT" when the button is clicked. In skin settings the best I can do is show EXIT - Reboot - Skin Settings?

Is there a place like in ADDONS, Skin Xonfluence 720 I can change something?

Also, I have a LINUX box, if I click on the power button, EXIT doesn't even show, just Reboot and Skin Settings, is there a fix for this
as the only way to turn Kodi off is pull the plug which I hate to do. (Android box shows all 3 options for power off.)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Play around with the menubuttondialogue.xml in the 720 folder.
That might not be the right file name but it's close. I'll have a look later and edit my post.
(2016-10-21, 00:01)tvguru Wrote: I want to just show "EXIT" when the button is clicked. In skin settings the best I can do is show EXIT - Reboot - Skin Settings?
System > skin > general settings > floor button options > power button options.
Hi Troggy,

I have done that by turning off hibernate, timer, etc.

There is no place to turn off skin settings, or reboot?
I set to shut down menu, turn off Suspend - Hinernate - Log Off - Timer - then when I go to click on lower left hand botton, it shows EXIT, Power Off System, Reboot, Skin Settings??
I just like to show EXIT?

If I change Shut Down Menu to Log Off , it just shuts it down and throws you out with no EXIT option to click?

I have seen many YouTube videos using Xonfluence with just a EXIT box to click on, so I know it can be done.

Let me know Ed, seems that is maybe the way they are doing it?

Thanks guys for your replies, appreciate it :-)
Looks like the shutdown menu is in the file "DialogButtonMenu.xml". I don't know what the ramifications would be of messing with it so beware!

Maybe helly will offer up his advice!

EDIT: I removed all the buttons from the file execpt #2 (EXIT) started Kodi and clicked the power button and the menu popped up with only EXIT and it did exit using it.

Here is a copy of the modded .xml file.


Keep a backup of it because if the skin gets updated it will be overwritten.
Also keep a backup of the original file as you might need it if something goes wrong! Smile

Just wondering why have a menu pop up at all when you can set the power button to EXIT, make one click and be done... Wink
Hi flhthemi ... Not sure why but this is weird. I removed the code from "DialogButtonMenu.xml" and copied and pasted your code from Pastebin in place of it, saved, restarted Kodi, and it showing no change?? What am I doing wrong. Still showing the same old menu?
Do one or the other. Either remove the code yourself and save the file or copy mine and paste it to a new file with the same exact name as the original xml file.

Stop kodi
Enter the 720p folder in the skin folder
Rename the original unedited DialogButtonMenu.xml to something else like DialogButtonMenu.old
Now there should be NO DialogButtonMenu.xml file
Copy my code and paste it into a text editor
Now save it as DialogButtonMenu.xml
Restart kodi and see if it works
Hi flhthemi,


It worked flawlessly :-)

The one problem I saw is there were 2 skin Xonfluence

skin.xonfluence <<<<< this is the one I used and worked perfect!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Dude I'm a long, long way from brilliant..the skinners, now they're brilliant! (A little shameless azz kissing doesn't hurt) Smile

But, you're welcome I just hope it doesn't create any issues for you.
(2016-01-11, 15:53)flhthemi Wrote:
(2016-01-11, 08:18)Helly1206 Wrote: You can do that this way, but it is better to change the colors in the xml files. Then your system also changes color when switching theme or theme color.


True as can be....but I didn't want to lead this thread into a tutorial Wink nor do I know which xml files contain the code Wink

Helly1206, Let me start by apologizing for a long story. It does have a point.

I appreciate your work. Everyone has their one views or "needs", and putting the final details on your customization represents (for me at least) the closest our abilities lead us to a degree of personal satisfaction.

For me, I was once a highly educated and paid professional (and who began his experience 53 years ago with Focal, Fortran, and a DEC PDP 8-S) and suffered a cognitive impairment as a I reached the pinnacle of my career. HTML, CSS, now Raspberry Pi, and yes, Kodi, have been lifesavers. I use the logic in trying to figure out how things work as rehabilitation. Your Xonfluence mod is an amazing rehab tool - it gives instant feedback, and has visual gratification that can be shared.

Searches, whether in general (like Google) or on community forums, are somewhat helpful, but mostly frustrating. Being able to make a search that is precise is not easy.

The reason why I chose the quote above is that I, too, am not rolling down the window to ask for turn-by-turn directions; just the name of the town I am looking for. (I hope I didn't show my age by the analogy to the point where "rolling down windows" is lost on too many people - cars all have power windows now I guess).

So can I impose, either by reply post, PM, or email, on the name of the .XML file I am looking for so that I can have a background against which I can see the text?

Regardless, thank you for sharing your knowledge, and putting up with those of us who can be frustrating to you.
Apparently in Krypton, the 'Get More.." addons icon has been moved to the sidebar. The 'Get More" functionality in Xonfluence is only present for Music(in MyMusicNav.xml) and Programs(in MyPrograms.xml). I can't seem to find it for Videos or Pictures.
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it...

I am hoping to replace the top left Kodi logo (or the weather icon) with something else. Ideally, I'd like a widget that shows your network status (i.e. Wifi or LAN connection, and strength). I think I can find an addon that has this information, but how would I go about editing the code to input this information?

Which xml file would I edit? If I could see how the current weather addon is connected, I can hopefully connect the new addon the same way.

Ckeers and thanks!!!
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