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First of all, sorry if my posts sounded a bit heated. However, I have tried to adapt my practices to those recommended by Kodi to achieve better results. Originally, I come from foobar2000 and have mostly used Discogs as my go-to-tagger which has the largest database. I have only started to use musicbrainz with Kodi v17 when noticing inconsistent results for artists.

The effects of that are only now becoming clear to me, especially when Dave wrote

Quote:Hirstorically (back to the days before the ALBUMARTIST tag became standard) Kodi will use the ARTIST tag as the album artist too if it does not find an ALBUMARTIST tag , however not when there are musicbrainz id tags.

I'm using the foobar2000 implementation of the MB tagger which only writes MB_albumartist tags if the content is different from MB_artist. The programmers at hydrogenaudio are opposed to duplicating information from MB_artist to MB_albumartist - which I find perfectly reasonable.

On the other hand, Kodi seems to always use album_artist as a starting point. which frankly I find bewildering from a logical point of view. As I pointed out, I can see no logical argument FOR this behavior other than historical reasons and it being too much hassle to change it now. Delving into Kodis music role XMLs, I see only

<path>musicdb://artists/?albumartistsonly=true</path> (Album Artists only)
<path>musicdb://artists/?albumartistsonly=false</path> (All artists)

This is just the reverse logic of how it should be IMHO, see my first post and attempt to logically sort it

I see the dilemma that when the album artist tag DOES exist, only it should evaluated, excluding artists of compilations or split artists (to avoid artists that only appear on compilations). The more I think about it, the more I realize how Kodi's approach has merit. I think there is only a failsafe missing for "Show song and album artist"=OFF that goes like

IF NOT EXIST album artist TAG READ artist TAG

Update: I've just read through https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=266181 which seems to tackle this issue comprehensively and I see no immediate drawback to the "failsafe" I propose to avoid missing tags in the database.

Just to see what else is possible I need to ask, what arguments does musicdb://artists/ accept, is there a list?
Otherwise, I will have to attempt to change the appearance in the skin with a node, maybe.

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