Missing artists in skin overview
(2019-08-18, 13:37)HeresJohnny Wrote: I'm using the foobar2000 implementation of the MB tagger which only writes MB_albumartist tags if the content is different from MB_artist. The programmers at hydrogenaudio are opposed to duplicating information from MB_artist to MB_albumartist - which I find perfectly reasonable.
It seems equally reasonable that when Kodi first became "Musicbrainz enabled" it took how Musicbrainz Picard tagged music files with mbid tags as the standard for how those tags would be applied, after all at the time Picard was the only way mbid tags were going to get added to files. The view of the people at Musicbrainz seems more relevant to use of mbid tags than that of the programmers at hydrogenaudio.

Now further along we have other scripts in other tools adding mbid tags and of course users manually editing things too, which can result in an inconsistent or partial set of tags. Tag handling in Kodi and the way that the music library entries are created from those tag values could be made yet more robust, I have already made several changes in that direction. But every time I tweek that process I risk messing things up for existing users so it is not something do be done lightly, especially when it is so easy to use Picard and generate a set of tags that Kodi was designed to work well with.

I am slowly accumulating a log of what tagging inconsistancies can catch Kodi out, no doubt I will do something about it eventually for yet more robustness.

(2019-08-18, 13:37)HeresJohnny Wrote: The more I think about it, the more I realize that Kodi's approach has merit. I think there is only a failsafe missing for "Show song and album artist"=OFF that goes like

IF NOT EXIST album artist TAG READ artist TAG

Just to see what else is possible I need to ask, what arguments does musicdb://artists/ accept, is there a list?
Otherwise, I will have to attempt to change the appearance in the skin with a node, maybe. 
@HeresJohnny not really sure why you have now switched in this thread to discussing folder type nodes and settings, I can only assume that you are confused.
The "Show song and album artists" setting simply effects what is displayed by the default artists node. It is really just for backwards compatibility and user familiarity, since it is just as easy to have an album artists node, and song and album artists node (as exist under the roles menu node where you found them) and organise them on your menu as suits you best.

But let's be very clear that option, and the node definitions, do not have any effect on the way that music file tags are used to build the library.

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