Channels DVR Plugin?
What is involved with creating a DVR plugin for an existing DVR solution, namely Channels DVR? Is that a Kodi-dev project, a Channels DVR-dev project, or is it something that an independent developer could produce?

I've searched both Kodi and Channels community posts, and not found any discussion of integrating them. I think it's a natural fit since it would enable seamless integration of a large existing library with Channels' excellent DVR. This is especially true with their new TV Everywhere integration.
If that Channels DVR Server has an API then an independent developer could develop a new 'PVR client' as a binary addon for Kodi. See the wiki for a concept overview in regards to how PVR/DVR in Kodi => PVR (wiki)

Channels DVR Server would work as a 'PVR backend' in the same way the existing 'PVR backends' which all have their own dedicated own 'PVR client' for Kodi which acts as a middleware, see => PVR_recording_software (wiki) and Configuring_live_TV_settings (wiki)

As a how wow the Channels DVR Server works, the main difference would be that it with Channels Plus service can also support working over the internet out-of-the-box (probably just over some Dynamic DNS that they provide).

If you are a developer then suggest that you post in the PVR developers forum for help instead =>
I'm looking into supporting "Channels" either as a PVR backend or a plug-in... Their API seems well documented.

My time is split between a number of projects so If any developers want to collaborate feel free to PM me.
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