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Solved [v18] Information > Cast: Not showing cast pictures
This is one of the features I liked the most of Rapier: The big picture of actor/actress when you hovered over their name.


Suddenly, this feature has gone for all movies/TV Shows, not only on new ones. I have no idea what happened  Sad

Is there any way to get it back??  Thanks in advance.

Linux Kde Neon
Kodi 18.3
Rapier 11.2.44
Hi Altherion.

My bet is that you either have script.extendedinfo disabled or uninstalled.

Install it and you'll see the pictures agagin.

I have removed the old style (the one from your screenshot) in Rapier 12 for Kodi 19.
I might remove the old style from Rapier 11 as well.
Hi Gade...

Actually I've always had "script.extendedinfo" disabled (I don't like or find it useful) and the pictures used to show as I liked it: the cast list with the big photo of actor/actress where the movie poster goes, and it changed when you hovered over the names.

With "script.extendedinfo" enabled the list is just replaced by a set of small pictures... but (honestly) I've never liked it this way (one of the reasons I've disabled the script). Undecided

Thanks for your answer and sorry for being so picky and stubborn... your skin is great anyway.
Hi Altherion.

I know exactly what's wrong.

Looks like I accidentally deleted some of the necessary images while cleanup some code.

I'll fix it in the next official and development update Wink

Thanks for reporting the issue.
I'll mark this thread as solved.
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