Live TV huge buffering problem
Ok this is a strange situation, I have nexpvr running on my samsung s9+ and for some reason I getting huge buffering problems. I have tried the usual by increasing the video memory and so on. There's an even stranger thing going on this only happens to the wifi network that I am connected to right now, any other network it works fine. I have tested the speed of the network that I am using and it's 50mbs download and same for upload. My internet speed is 15mbs upload should be more than enough. Any thoughts?

Your internet upload and download speeds won't impact local LAN wifi speeds.  Your wifi bandwidth can easily vary at different locations in the house with distance and interference being factors, some devices will even be able to deal with it differently, and I don't see anything strange.   If you are running v4 extended timeshift mode with large buffers might help small blips.

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